Thank You for Sharing

Popular services like Uber, Lyft and Airbnb are just part of a new multi-billion dollar sharing industry that has consumers clamoring for new deals and conveniences, and local governments…

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codification services Invest in the success of your community Your Needs Community Benefits Why General Code Our Process Codification allows your local legislation to be gathered by topic and…

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about us Connecting Communities to Innovative Code Solutions Team Careers News General Code’s focus is on simplifying how local governments and their constituents find, access, and share information by…

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Training Make your experience with our solutions the best it can be Webinars Training Opportunities Training Videos Join us for our “eCode Chat” online sessions! Join us to learn…

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Choosing the Right Channel

Back in 1992 Bruce Springsteen was lamenting the problem of “57 Channels (And Nothin’ On).” In those days he was throwing shade at cable television. Twenty-five years later, it’s…

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User-centered design

Centuries ago, Greek astronomer Claudius Ptolemy proclaimed that the Earth was the center of the universe and everything in the cosmos revolved around our tiny blue planet. Much as…

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CASE STUDY: Town of Middleborough, MA

Transition from in-house process to a dedicated codification partner leads to greater accessibility and efficiency The Challenge When Allison Ferreira was appointed Town Clerk for the Town of Middleborough,…

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A Bumpy Road for E-Scooters

Despite the growing popularity of e-scooters as a fun and environmentally-friendly way to traverse cities, not all municipalities and regulators are fully along for the ride. The e-scooter industry…

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A Message from General Code About COVID-19 > Building Vibrant, Resilient Communities Together General Code’s codification experts are focused on simplifying how local governments and their constituents find, access,…

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Putting A Leash On Puppy Mills

Across the country, cities and counties are taking a stand against the controversial puppy mill industry by adopting retail pet sale bans. Dogs are family. Like any family member,…

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Building Trust Through Social Media

…media efforts more lucrative. Posts will have greater impact and citizen engagement will be more positive and helpful. Resources: 8 Ways to Build Trust on Social Media How effective…

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Accreditation Where Accreditation is Due

…Accreditation here. To learn how your code enforcement department can seek AACE Accreditation, visit the AACE website. Feature image credit: Montgomery County Planning Commission – Stony_Creek_Valley, CC BY-SA 2.0, Link…

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Privacy Policy

General Code, LLC takes reasonable precautions to protect the privacy and security of your personal information and other sensitive data. The information you provide may be used by General…

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2018: The Year of the Zoning Code

Our new user-centric online services offer smart ways to presentzoning information and help encourage community growth. Visual Zoning™ As communities continue to change and grow, the ability to understand…

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Enhanced Graphics

enhanced zoning graphics Stay true to your community’s vision in your online zoning code Features Easy Updates Visual Zoning Enhanced Graphics is a Visual Zoning™ service that lets you…

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Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

The regulation of signs has never been an easy issue for local governments. Municipalities have often found themselves between a rock and a hard place, trying to find the…

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Online Code Portal

online code portal Boost transparency and efficiency with a flexible online code experience Benefits Features Mobile App Code Library eCode360, the first online code portal of its kind, is…

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Municipal Clerks Honor Roll

The Municipal Clerks Honor Roll Is Here! Congratulations to all of the honorees of the 2020 Municipal Clerks Honor Roll! Once again communities and municipal staff across the country…

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DeCoder Newsletter

Subscribe to The DeCoder Newsletter! Stay up-to-date on the latest news on local government. Complete the form below: * indicates required fields Read the latest DeCoder here A General…

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What’s Your Policy?

Get Thee To A Social Media Policy Social media is a great tool for local governments to communicate with the people they serve. Board meeting announcements, notices of recently…

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Fireworks: More Bang = More Bucks

Loosening of consumer fireworks bans is helping states add more boom to their bottom lines. While only 15 states nationwide currently permit fireworks sales for consumer use, more and…

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BYOB – Bring Your Own Bag

The familiar sight of single-use plastic shopping bags at the checkout line will be coming to an end in many U.S. cities and towns in 2020. New state and…

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Lowering the Volume of Questions

By regularly updating your Code with any new or amended legislation, you’re making certain that your community’s Code is an enforceable and reliable resource for everyone. Constituents can find…

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Here Comes the Sun

The use of solar energy in homes and industry seems to be expanding at light speed. For many municipalities across the nation, adding solar power as a clean energy…

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Swarms and the City

Urban beekeeping is all the buzz in cities nationwide, challenging local governments to find a balance between the protection of a vital species and the rights and concerns of…

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You’ve Got Our Support

From interactive online webinars to self-serve instruction, from on-site group sessions to one-on-one consultations with our training specialists or client care advocacy teams, we’re focused on making your experience…

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May is for Meat Lovers

It’s National BBQ Month and National Hamburger Month. Eat well—and grill safely. If you love juicy steaks, ribs and burgers, the month of May might seem like Christmas and…

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Sad girl reading phone message at home in the dark

Taking the Fight to Cyberbullying

Bullying is no longer limited to fist fights and name calling on the neighborhood playground. With the evolution of the internet, smartphones and social media platforms, bullying has truly…

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Tips for Using Model Ordinances

State and federal agencies and municipal leagues periodically develop model ordinances to assist counties and municipalities in drafting new legislation to address certain topics. Some common examples are floodplain…

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Tweet It From the Housetop!

Does your municipality have the best strawberry festival? Are you trying to get a new music or arts fest off the ground? Does your local farm market need to…

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Restaurant Noise: Dine or Dash?

Restaurant noise is causing patrons to choose between loud popular eateries and their hearing health. Eating establishments and local governments are working to reduce excessive restaurant noise and give…

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Rainbow colors plastic straws

Plastic Straw Ban

Plastic bans are becoming more prevalent in today’s era of climate crisis. In a remote area of the Pacific Ocean, vigorous currents converge into a swirling vortex where anything…

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Interactive Zoning Map

Interactive Zoning Map Map out new growth opportunities in your community Benefits Features Demo Visual Zoning MapLink is a Visual Zoning™ service that presents the essential elements of your…

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Legislating in the Drone Age

Should drone technology be tightly regulated—or not at all? State legislatures are grappling with this issue in an attempt to balance public safety and privacy concerns with the enormous…

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Social Media: Are You Listening?

Good social media practice requires a balance of sharing good, useful information, and listening to what others are saying to you and about you. “If you listen, you may…

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Custom Local Building Codes

custom local building codes Simplify how local amendments are incorporated into your I-Codes Benefits premiumACCESS Demo Custom Local Building Codes (CLBC) can provide your municipality with an easy and…

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Tip your hat to municipal clerks

There’s no question that municipal clerks are among the most dedicated public servants in the country. Why not give your clerk some well-deserved kudos with a nomination to the…

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Code Library

Choose a State Arkansas California Canada Connecticut Delaware Florida Illinois Iowa Kansas Kentucky Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Missouri Nebraska New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North…

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Subscription Services

Subscription Services Subscription Service for Municipal Clients Local governments frequently receive requests for copies of their Code from the private sector and often don’t want to deal with maintaining…

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Improve Your “Note Ability”

With another hot summer on the way, you’re likely to get bombarded with questions about backyard swimming pools. There are a number of forms and permits the town will…

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Request eCode360 Login

Municipal Employees: Request Your eCode360 Login With a login, municipal employees can enjoy full access to their municipality’s eCode360 tools. Complete the form below. Once we verify that your…

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Making Happier Cities

This TEDxVancouver video details the “Happy City Experiment” as coordinated by award-winning writer and urbanist Charles Montgomery. The experiment explored what would happen if an abandoned city space in…

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